Article on Brain magazine October 2021

Brain is a professional magazine for Japanese advertisement and creative industry. I wrote an article in the series “Bookmark of the month”.

PM needs the sense of smell like shark

Product Manager’s role is often difficult to define. Are we decision makers? Are we responsible for the outcome? Both are true. But those does not necessarily make a great PM. What great PM does is to sense an opportunity from a vague signal, like sharks finds their pray from a smell of a drip of…

Japan Designer’s Network: Featured designer

In 2015, I was covered in the Featured designer section on Japan Design Net, by Mr. Toshiki Kiriyama, an exceptional design producer leading TRUNK DESIGN. Not really being a traditional designer, I was humbled being in the list with prominent designers.

Product manager should not act like a CEO

There’s a saying that product managers are the mini-CEO of the specific product that the person owns. Product managers are responsible for both the success and the failure of the product, and as the flip side product managers have the right to make the product decision themselves. Is this perception necessary? I started as a…

WebController for V-Sido Connect

WebController for V-Sido Connect is a development platform for humanoid robot remote control, built on top of V-Sido, a robot control platform provided by Asratec Corp. Company: Asratec Corp.Development: Atomos Design Co., Ltd, Robust Inc. The platform is built 100% with web technology, made it easy for the web developers to integrate V-Sido with web…


tab was a mobile app released in 2012 to bookmark the real world locations and activities. Gained 800K DL and selected as the Apple App Store Japan Best of 2012. The service is already closed. Company: Tonchidot Corp. tab was developed as the successor of SekaiCamera, one of the first AR application for smartphones. SekaiCamera…

Will AI Destroy Us? 100 year story of how computer is becoming a god

Publisher: Diamond Inc. In early 2015, Sota Furuya, a publishing agent and a friend of mine reached out to me about a project to publish a book about the history of IT/computer. It was something I was enthusiastic since my teenage, so I decide to accept the offer. In the first meeting with the editor…

freebit mobile

A MVNO in Japan that delivered vertically integrated experience from the network to the hardware to the services. Currently rebranded to TONE mobile. TONE mobileJapan Good Design Award 2014 I was a member of strategic design team, which designed everything about this network operator from up to bottom. There were myself and Takashi Ogawa. We…


Official Japanese government Contact Confirming App. Official page by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare I’ve joined the open source project “COVID19-Radar” in May 2020. I’ve done the UX/UI design of the app, together with Ms. Noriko Matsumoto. We aimed to get the app used by 60% of the Japanese population (60MM+).

The qualification for the product team to succeed is to be “borderless” – Product management theory by the UX designer of COCOA

The second part of my interview at ProductZine. My argument is that good product team doesn’t stay within the silo of individual disciplines and cross the border for the shared vision of the product. I see it as one of the reason behind why we don’t see strong product mind in Japan these days.


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