freebit mobile

A MVNO in Japan that delivered vertically integrated experience from the network to the hardware to the services. Currently rebranded to TONE mobile.

TONE mobile
Japan Good Design Award 2014

I was a member of strategic design team, which designed everything about this network operator from up to bottom. There were myself and Takashi Ogawa. We designed the corporate identity, visual language, website, apps and services (IP phone, media manager, Android home), printed materials, merchandising materials such as paper bag and package.

Visual identity

We designed the visual identity including the corporate and service logo. The company has been working on the R&D of Machine-2-machine networking technology. The CEO provided the mission statement of “Building the future by Internet technology frictionless as silk”. We started from creating a symbol, and we came up the idea of cocoon. Cocoon is the source of silk, where the future comes out, and also the shape represents 2 connected nodes seamlessly. We chose the font “Avenir Next” as the main font and the base of corporate logo. Avenir means “future” in French. It’s a font inspired by famous “Futura” font developed in Bauhaus. Avenir Next is a version of Avenir optimized for digital typography, and the modification was made by a Japanese font grapher Akira Kobayashi. It was a choice to present the company’s willingness as a Japanese company to influence the global industry with digital technology.