I’ve started this site in Dec. 2020. In this site I’ll share my experiences of digital product design and development, and the learnings from there.

I’ve been exercising the design and the development of the digital products for 25 years. I’ve had some successful projects and numerous projects that didn’t work. It is an ongoing journey of learning. I did have some chances to articulate my thoughts in the form of papers, books and presentations, but they were often presenting a small piece of my knowledge to limited audiences. I felt like it’s time to build a storage for the learnings.

I named this site “Topika”. What does it mean? In the ancient Greek, Aristotle wrote a book called “Topica” which presents the art of dialectic. In Latin, the term “Topos” means “Place”, and “Topica” is the adjective form. At the time, the concept of “Topos” represent the storage of the human memory, and the foundational perspective of a specific dialectic technique i.n this context

The benefit of having the theories for design is to turn the individual practices into abstract concepts. But sometimes those theories floats around cut loose from the actual practices, loosing its ground. In this site, I want to share the knowledge from the perspective of my own practice.